React Native Developer

Job description

Routinely is building a digitally enabled, personalised skincare brand for the modern consumer. We are based in Amsterdam, backed by a global leader in cosmetics and a venture capital fund and we are looking for stellar talent to complete the core team in the run-up to a public launch in 2021. This is a unique opportunity to join a well-funded, early stage company and collaborate closely with the founders to create a visionary digital product that will change the way in which we care for our skin. 

We are looking for an engineer with 3+ years React Native experience to join our in-house product team and to help take our mobile app to the next level. The app is meant to guide our customers thorough the daily use of various skincare products based on their skin information and pre-selected skin goals. Together we will be figuring out what the future of our app will be. 

The position is full-time and available directly at our headquarter office in Amsterdam. Of course, depending on covid measures, a large part of work can be done from home.

What you'll be doing

  • Develop for our mobile iOS and Android app which is our current 'skincare coach'.
  • Design, build and implement tooling to track and optimize the customer journey in various systems.
  • Improve the testing and build process (CI & CD) via Github Actions.
  • Connect with our REST API and third party APIs. 
  • Work together with our Product Manager and CTO to build the right thing for our customers. Help shape the future of our app!
  • Contribute to a shared workflow and engineering culture. We pick the best parts from domain-driven design, Extreme Programming, SCRUM, Kanban, Holocracy, Lean Startup and ShapeUp and make it our own and better every iteration.

We offer you...

  • The chance to be part of a young and ambitious international team, working with the tech you're passionate about.
  • A role in a fast growing company, where you can contribute strongly to our stack, workflow and culture.
  • Flexible working conditions, off-sites, hackathons, conferences, room for personal development and lots of freedom.
  • The opportunity to be part of an ever-growing area of e-commerce, in particular the skin care and hyper-personalisation niches.
  • Unlimited holiday days. Yes, really! 
  • Apple MacBook Pro laptop.
  • Office with an amazing view in the A'DAM Tower!

Check out our full stack at StackShare.

Job requirements

Hard skills

  • You are an expert in React Native.
  • You have experience building React Native bridges for iOS and Android.
  • You know how to handle state, routing & side-effects with React.
  • You have experience setting up tooling for a modern mobile app.
  • You are keen on quality assurance and automatic testing.
  • Version control (e.g. Git) is something you couldn't miss anymore.
  • Your English must be very good, both oral and written. We still like accents though.
  • Since we're just getting started, we cannot provide a Visa sponsorship at this point in time.

Bonus points

  • You have experience with a design system.
  • You have some experience with PHP or TypeScript.
  • You have a weak spot for performance & accessibility.
  • You have something valuable to add when discussing the product / UI / UX.

Soft skills

  • You are proactive and comfortable managing your own time and todo's. We do not like micromanagement.
  • You don't hesitate to ask questions because others know things you don't. You document everything and in such a way that everybody can understand what is happening and why.
  • Although you can work independently and efficiently, you like to work in a team environment. You make sure that everybody in your team feels safe to give their opinion and you value every team member's input. Once a group decision is made, you act as a team member by following the architecture, the processes and coding standards as agreed upon.
  • You do what you promise and you take ownership of tasks. You always try to go for the best quality possible with respect to timing and budget. You understand the why of decisions and you suggest improvements when you see an opportunity.
  • You always aim for quality so you actively and consistently strive to expand your knowledge, both technical and non-technical. You like sharing your knowledge with colleagues and the world through different channels (blogging, presentations, group discussions, ...). You are able to give others honest, constructive and actionable feedback. Credit is assigned accurately and generously.
  • You embrace diversity, inclusivity and (e)quality.

Like what you've read and you think there is a match? Please apply! If you have any questions, feel free to send a message to

Please note that we are not interested in working with recruitment agencies for this position.